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30° Triangle Ruler (SIM_E14-8829418A)
30° Triangle Ruler.
To make triangles from 1" to 9" in height.
30° Triangle Ruler
60° Triangle Ruler (SIM_E9-882670180A)
60° Equilateral Triangle Ruler.
To make triangles from 1" to 5" in height.
Equilateral Triangle Ruler
Bamboo Pointer and Creaser (SIM_E121-882108A)
Bamboo Pointer and Creaser.
Used to turn corners and points like Dresden Plates and appliques. Ideal for feeding fabric toward needle while machine quilting. Works as a creaser to press or fold fabric.
Bamboo Pointer and Creaser
Crazy Quilt Ruler (SIM_E43-8823746A)
Crazy Quilt Ruler.
Perfect for making a crazy tiles quilt.
Simply Crazy
Flower Head Pins (SIM_E103-881428A)
Flower Head Pins.
2in/5.08cm long, 75 pieces.
Flat head makes ironing easy. Extra length for layers and bulky fabrics. Quilting, Knitting, Crafts.
75 pcs of 5.08cm Pins
Hexagon Ruler (SIM_E15-882670191A)
Hexagon Ruler.
To make hexagons from 1" to 5" in size.
Long Hexagon Ruler (SIM_E47-882165)
Long Hexagon Ruler.
To make elongated hexagons from 1" to 5" in width and 3.25" to 7.5" in length.
Mini Rulers
A Variety of shaped mini rulers.
Mini 60 Degree Triange.
Mini Fat Cats.
Mini Easy Angle.
Mini Hexagon.
Mini Square.
Permanent Fabric Markers (SIM_E99-882662A)
Permanent Fabric Markers.
6 Colours to choose from: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Black.
Acid free ink. Suitable for Apparel, quilts, craft projects and more.
6 Colours of Markers
Quilter's Disappearing Ink Pen (SIM_E98-882664A)
Quilter's Disappearing Ink Pen.
Marks will normally disappear within 48-72 hours.
Marks can also be removed with water, damp cloth or sponge.
Not recommended for dry clean only fabrics.
Water Soluble Ink Pen
Quilters 12" Seamer (SIM_E122-882670026)
Quilters 12" Seamer. Ideal for marking 1/4" quilting lines.
Marks a perfect 1/4" seam to templates and patterns
12" Seamer
Quilting Pencil Pack (SIM_E100-882668A)
Quilting Pencil Pack.
3 Erasible Quilting Pencils. Marks can be washed out with soap and cold water. Grey, Yellow and White.
1 Template Marking Pencil. Marks can be removed with a damp cloth. Black.
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